Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What a Celebration! Part Two

Here are a few more highlights.....
Here we are again!  Lovin' that New Catalog!
Looks like Liz is stunned at all the great things to come!

This is the most awaited part of this event each year!
Here Sherry is finding some must have goodies!

WOW!  This year the theme was all about the GRILL....the Barbeque Grill that is!
Our customers and friends suprised us with a shower of gifts!
They all made Michael and I birthday cards....(I will be posting those later in the week!)
That big basket on my lap.....well it was over flowing by the end of the night with all the fantastic gadgets to make our Barbequeing Summer a fun one!

Look in the bottom right of this picture....you can see a glimpse of a swimming pool!  Yes, an indoor swim pool. In my four years as a demonstrator and the many, many workshops and parties I have had, NO ONE has ever fallin' into the pool......well, until this time!
Not one but two of my lovely friends found their way to the bottom of the pool!
Sassy Susan and Sadie were a gut busting highlight to the nights activites!  We have now dubbed them the Dipsy, Diving Divas!
I do not have a picture to show you.....Although that would be hilarious....the lighting on the two of them standing side by side soaking wet was bad so you will have to just close your eyes and imagine! 

So, do you think Michael likes his new Tye Dye t-shirt?
That would be a big YES!

Thanks again to everyone for your kindness & generosity!
We LOVE you!

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