Sunday, January 2, 2011

Saying Good-bye to 2010......

Here are a few family pictures from this past year. 
 Good times and not so good....Saying GOODBYE to 2010!

This was how we started off in 2010!
Yes, this is Tyler! (January 19, 2010)
In the nurse's office with a head injury! OUCH!
This picture is how we found out.....I know, right!?!
Before the school called, his friend with his handy dandy cell phone sent me this picture!
The good news:  After 4 hours in the Emergency Room and 5 stitches later, he is still the clown in the family!

Michael and I at Convention!
Share What You Love, 2010

Here is Tyler again!
He looks real excited about starting his Junior Year at Bayfield High School, ya think?

This was a night with the family!  Tyler's favorite comedian was at the Casino for a live show and of course we just had to go!  Me, Tyler (grinning from ear to ear), Gabriel Iglesias ("Fluffy"), the other funny man in our family Alex and Michael.
This was a great night with ALOT of laughs!

While the rest of us are handing out candy to the trick or treater's,
Alex with his friend Kylie get ready for a Halloween Party of their own!
Alex as "Where's Waldo" and Kylie as "Summer"
 (fortunately for Kylie it was warm and we had seen no snow as of yet!)
19 year olds what are you going to do with 'em?

Last, but not least.....The newest member of the family!
Her name is Echo!
In this pic she is only 7 weeks old! 
Our Yellow Lab had 8 pups, we had to keep one! Both parents are as yellow as can be and we ended up with all 8 puppies black! Crazy!
She is growing fast and is just about ready to go to puppy school to learn some obedience training!

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