Tuesday, March 23, 2010

TIPsy Tuesday!

Tip of the week: SAVE your Sponge Daubers!
I was recently at a workshop and the ladies were telling me that they wish the sponge daubers were less expensive as they use them and then throw them away! YIKES!
I simply use a lable maker to label each of my sponge daubers and store them in a stamp case!
You can get multiple uses with your sponge daubers and you are not being wasteful!
Before you know it; you will have one for all 48 colors!


  1. Great idea! I'm definitely going to use this idea!!! TFS!!!

    Kimberlee Z.

  2. What???!!! They throw them away??? YIKES! I love your storage solution. I just have mine all jumbled up together. One for yellows, one for reds, etc.. I'm going to use your idea now.

    Thanks for sharing!


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