Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Look what Ellen created for ME!!!!

As some of you know, my brother-in-law and my nephew are Firemen....So ofcourse for scrapbooking purposes we need to have a punched firefighter!  Well, this is beyond my vision in the punch department, so I asked the expert....Ellen Kemper!  She is the look what she came up with!

Firefighter Guy

This it to fulfill a request from Kellie Paxton because two of her "guys" are firefighters.

Here are the details so she (and you) can recreate him:

Helmet - large oval, wide oval and a piece of the ornament punch (could be cut by hand)
Head - large oval, 1.25 circle trimmed
Ears - word window
Nose - 1/2 circle
Eyes - standard hole punch
Mustache - tip of the butterfly punch
Eyebrows - slot punch
Black shirt -large oval trimmed flat at bottom
Coat - wide oval cut in half and separated by the shirt
Coat collar - word window trimmed
Coat fasteners - word window around slot punch hole, re-trimmed with word window
Arms - word window folded
Gloves - heart to heart trimmed
Pants - wide ring from wide oval punched around small oval hole trimmed to make legs
Boots - butterfly punch trimmed
Hose - ring from 1.75 circle punched around smaller circle hole, snipped and folded
Hose spout - hand trimmed piece with bit of slot punch on end
Water - modern label punch trimmed

I meant to stamp a number on the red part of his helmet but forgot to do it before I snapped the photo. My favorite number is five so that will be his number (if I ever get around to it)

Hope this helps you out Kellie!

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