Friday, August 14, 2009

What's in a card?

I have been recently asked "Why do you make cards?" WHAT! Are You Kidding?
Well, here is the answer!
I like to make cards to brighten someone's day. How many times have you gone to the mailbox not looking forward to the bills, or just to find that you box is stuffed full of junk! How fun is it to find a nice card waiting in the mix? It's a fabulous feeling, isn't it? It doesn't have to be a special occasion. Just dropping a line to say hello is enough to give anyone a heart warming smile.

Gift Giving is another reason I like to make cards. I love to give boxed sets of cards. Personalizing them to someone's style and needs gives them a gift they can use and one that saves them money in the future. (A store-bought card is at least $4, and try finding one with a picture and a sentiment you like. Well, frankly that can take a long time or maybe not even happen! We tend to "settle" for something that will work....)

I have a great life, but like a lot of you, I sometimes find myself in a mood. Card-making gives me time to relax, create something and get my head straight. This is a HUGE stress reliever!Crafting done with others often gives the time for us to chat; people share and you realize it's not just you. And, if you pay attention, you'll learn a lot more then just craft tips!

I am sure that everyone, fits into at least one of these catagories! So there you have it! This is why I like to make cards! Happy Stampin'!

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